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Kevin Duda, an editorial and commercial photographer for fifteen years, resides in California’s San Francisco Bay Area, and makes photographs with the primary intention of causing the viewer’s eyes to widen in wonder.

He purchased his first camera out of a desire to capture visually interesting incidents, but frustration with the uncontrollable nature of unplanned tableaux led him to editorial and studio work, a more rewarding venue for his meticulous nature.

Kevin’s work makes demands; the viewer is presented with an image that isn’t contained within the frame, and about which speculation must be made. The relationship this engenders with the viewer, combined with his work’s crisp style and visual impact, brings life to any photo Kevin produces.

When not making photographs, Kevin’s inquisitive nature prompts investigations into the nature of photography. He is frequently engaged in analysis of the tools and physics of the medium, the education of his peers, and even the manufacture of customized equipment.

Why “Mask Photo”?

Generally, a mask is employed to conceal something—but the right mask reveals as much as it occludes. At a masquerade party, each and every mask tells us something deeper about its wearer.

My photography strives to do the same. I am only afforded one frame, but with the right mix of concealing and revealing, I’m able to use a single photograph to tell an entire story within a visually impactful image.